Summertime ~ Adventure

We’re on the first day of our holiday weekend – visiting family and relaxing at Mom’s.

We didn’t leave until yesterday evening and what should’ve been a fairly straightforward drive down turned into an adventure in and of itself.

And, actually, that is what I have decided this summer is all about – adventure.  Not ADVENTURE in big capital letters, but the little, everyday adventures we encounter.

I don’t know if it is because the girls are bigger and we’re able to do more things with them (and with less of a schedule to worry about adhering to) or if it is because I’m 100+ pounds lighter and more open to spur of the moment adventures or if it is a little of both…

but that is what this summer is about for me.


finding the fun in the everyday

relishing the unexpected

embracing the new and unusual

tossing the routines out the window

going with the flow


That’s our summer this year.

And it’s awesome.

So, last night, we headed out around 6ish and SuperMan decided we’d take the “long way” down to avoid the traffic in downtown and on the interstates. The radio stations were reporting it was terrible so we figured we’d rather ride a little longer with pretty countryside to see than sit in a traffic jam.

So off we went.

We figured we’d eat dinner in Athens… which was a walk down memory lane for me.

We drove in circles downtown looking for a parking place and/or a restaurant to eat in.

However, my GPS had other ideas. Every single restaurant I tried to find was either closed or the building was under construction… so, we headed south again and figured we’d just find dinner along the way.

Which led us to Madison, GA. A very cute antebellum town that just drips with Southern charm. By the time we arrived there it was after 9 and we were all starving. We lucked up on a parking place on Main street. Right in front of a Japanese place. Score!

Picture 004A little sake helped to relax things a bit – and make my eyes blurry…

Picture 003Little Bit tried sushi and decided she liked it. I was amazed.

Picture 005The girls had some new flavored “Japanese Sprite” drinks.  The melon tasted like you were mainlining sugar … the strawberry didn’t have much flavor to me… but they loved them.

Picture 007Big Girl got a case of the giggles at her own silliness when she made this goofy face after getting a steak “kabob” from her sister’s unfinished dinner…

 Picture 008Kinda scary, huh?

And then, after we finished dinner, we headed out to the car to find a fireworks show going on … which we could see over the top of the courthouse.  So, we ambled along Main Street and watched the fireworks a little.

I browsed the shop windows, only to discover that one of the displays wasn’t quite what I thought —

Picture 010 Hi, Kitty kitty.

So cute. She looked a lot like my Scooby Cat did in her younger years.

And then we were back on the highway for a little while…

Picture 012 Making a pit stop along the way – check out Little Bit’s shoe choices. 

And then SuperMan was too sleepy to drive any more. By this time it was after eleven and he’d been up since four AM. He was fried.  I stopped at the Starbucks to get a little “fuel” to keep me awake for the remaining drive… and as I pulled into the drive through, they were turning off the lights.  But the very sweet, very professional barista was kind enough to tell me that I still had “seventeen seconds” before closing and she would be happy to make me a coffee.

It was the very best coffee I’ve had in I don’t know how long.  It was absolutely perfect. And I enjoyed every single drop.

Thank you, Miss Barista, for being willing to make me a latte in the last seventeen seconds of your shift. I really appreciate it.

So, SuperMan and the chicks settled in to sleep and down the highway I drove.

Picture 014

This lonely little highway with it’s speed traps and varying speed limits – that change from 55 to 65 to 45 about every ten miles… at least it keeps you awake and on your toes.

I drove through these pop-up showers – massive downpours that would last for five or ten miles and then clear up to dry highway only to find me driving into another storm in a few more miles.

All the while I was serenaded
by a snoring trio and sipping my absolutely perfect sugar free Caramel-Vanilla Latte.

And I drove

and drove

and they snored

and snored

until SuperMan sat up, turned to me and said

“What are you doing over there?” with much confusion and emphasis in his voice

and before I could respond he said

“Are you making a fly swatter over there?”

Uh, yeah, honey, that’s what I’m doing.

And before I could respond, he was snoring again.


We finally pulled into Mom’s around 2:30.

Of course the munchkins woke up and were “wide awake.”

I left SuperMan to take care of them.  I think he ended up sleeping upstairs with one of them, but I’m not sure…

Today, I’m just in a haze. Glad we’re here but realizing that I’m getting too old stay up more than half the night anymore…

Wonder what kind of adventures we’ll get up to today? 🙂

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