if Momma knows everything…

Big Girl and I were riding in the car together last night – headed out to check out some new purchases a friend made – we’re purse-junkies & wanted to see what she’d gotten…

While we were driving, she told me something about birds and flying – can’t remember what it was -  when I asked her where she learned that she said, “Ammi told me”

(Ammi is my mom)

I said, “Ah. Well, she would know. She knows everything.”

To which Big Girl replied, “Huh? I thought YOU knew everything! You mean she does TOO!?!”

And I laughingly responded, “Baby girl, where do you think I learned it from?”

She said (completely straight-faced) “Pop-Pop. He knows everything.”

I didn’t quite know how to respond. You see, in my family, the legend goes that Momma (my momma) knows everything and I have always joked that I’m the inheritor of this knowledge bank, which will then be passed on to my girls one day when they are mommas.

Never in this picture has Pop-Pop, or any male in the family, featured.

Up until now.

What’s cute about this is the reverence in which my girls hold their grandfather.  They think he really does know everything there is to know about everything.

Big Girl continued, “Whenever you ask him about something, he always has lots of wisdom to share. He’s very smart you know.”

Yes, baby girl, I know.

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