Project Life Tuesday: 21 June

Happy Tuesday, y’all. I have a TON of pictures from last week – mostly from Father’s Day – which I will share in a later post because I want to tell the story of the day along with the pictures.

I am hoping to find a few hours this weekend to work on catching up on my Project Life album.  Maybe I can show you some pages next week. Of course, that will depend on me actually carving out the time to work on it!

Okay, enough of that… here are this week’s pictures:


My “assistant”IMG_0072Beautiful sunset: IMG_0076

Why yes, I do wear my pearls when I drink my tea in the morning, don’t you? 

IMG_0462Beauty after the rainstorms. IMG_0466


The peace and quiet that comes after new game purchases (aaahhh)IMG_0475 

Arts & Crafts – inchworms!IMG_0476

And a few shots from our Sunday adventures. IMG_0087IMG_0490 IMG_0502


And I just HAD to have a picture of this!! Can you believe it?  We also saw “ Lois’ Bakery” sign but we couldn’t pull over for a picture… IMG_0093That’s it for now… what about you? Any photos last week?

Post your link in the comments so we can go look!

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