Project Life Tuesday: 14 June

In retrospect, I’m a little surprised that I actually have pictures at all. It was such a crazy week.

But, I guess this habit has become more entrenched than I realized.  I do have pictures! and I have FOURTEEN pictures from seven days!

So, let’s share away!

Monday: Mexican for lunch with Ammi before she left to go back home.


Tuesday: Visit to the vet with Sydney before she starts puppy school


Wednesday: Lunch at our favorite restaurant Giorgio’s after Little Bit’s doctor’s appointment. We treated ourselves to cheese sticks and Mr. Tzortzi gave the girls Italian ices for a treat after lunch.


Thursday: bad day –  no pictures

Friday: Cookies make everything better


Saturday: the prescription for the day was rest, relaxation and recuperation IMG_0066

And being attacked in the hammock by a big, furry beastie.  IMG_0068

 Sunday: lunch at Giorgio’s again.


And catching fireflies before bed.


So, how was your week?

2 thoughts on “Project Life Tuesday: 14 June

  1. It’s more than “warm!” It’s downright HOT!! 90’s every day… never below 70 even at night. But that’s life in the South. We’re enjoying being outside regardless. The firefly hunting was a brainchild of SuperMan – he is trying to help the girls become less “bug phobic” because they are crazy-afraid of bugs. Rather clever of him, I think!


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