Menu Plan Monday Monday, y’all!

I had to get up “early” this morning (well, early for Summertime standards, anyway) because of a morning conference call – only to find it had been canceled due to technical difficulties. Can’t say I was sad – I’m not a morning person and trying to be professional early in the morning is a bit of a stretch for me. I can pull it off, but I don’t like to.

I’m hoping this week is better than last week was. It was a hectic, hassled, emotional mess.  The girls are feeling better, so that is a good sign. Lots going on with work, but as long as everyone is healthy, that’s easily handled.

We have a lot of leftovers from Sunday’s dinner – had a few no-shows – so we’ll be eating that for lunches this week. I’ve a great pasta salad improvisation to share with you later this week.

I also want to share a terrific dessert recipe – Oreo pie!, it was soooo good last night!


Dinner plans are below – true to summer, I’m keeping it loose and easy with flexible plans so we can adjust as the week rolls on.

  • Spaghetti – requested by the girls
  • BBQ chicken – using my dry-rub recipe
  • Grilled shrimp (if I can find a bargain at the store) with cheese grits & salad
  • SuperMan asked for Salmon Croquettes one night, so this may substitute for the shrimp
  • I’m also pulling the slow cooker out – for beef tips in onion gravy one night
  • We may also do some calzones with the leftover sauce from the spaghetti.
  • Friday night Mexican
  • Saturday has become grilled burgers & hot dogs as a standard

Hop on over to for some more great dinner ideas!

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. That Oreo pie sounds intriguing! Glad you didn’t have to ‘perform’ professionally so early in the morning – don’t these people sleep?! 🙂 Hoping your week is easier and the girls make a full recovery. I am admiring your forward menu-planning.


  2. LOL – Alexa, they’re in India, so they keep very different hours than me. It’s challenging to meet with them because it’s almost 11 hours different in time over there. Usually one of us is up late or up early. It’s a no-win thing.
    Oreo pie coming soon! It’s sooo good!!


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