Hobo Pockets and Grill Cooking

I mentioned on Facebook that I’d cooked Hobo Pockets on the grill last night and several of you asked for the recipe.  This is something that is popular when camping, but I decided yesterday “why not try it on the grill?” and so I did!

Basically, a Hobo Pocket is anything you cook in a foil pouch.  If you’re doing it the traditional way, you’d embed the pouch in the coals of your fire – or cook in direct proximity to the fire.  Since I was cooking on a gas grill, I opted for placing my hobo pockets on the grate alongside the other things I was cooking.

It was sooo easy and sooo good. 

And with the temperatures hovering in the 90’s yesterday, I loved that I didn’t heat up my kitchen at all and yet we had a very tasty and healthy dinner.

Here’s what I cooked:

  • Grilled chicken breasts – marinated in Italian Dressing & House Seasoning for about 2 hours (while we were at the pool!)
  • Grilled baby Yukon gold potatoes in a hobo pocket that I drizzled with olive oil & House Seasoning.
  • Grilled mixed vegetables (baby Portobello mushrooms, carrots, patty-pan squash) drizzled with olive oil and house seasoning and cooked in a separate hobo pocket
  • Grilled corn – and if you’ve never tried grilling corn, you really should. This is the best way to cook corn. It brings out the sweetness of the corn and gives it such a good roasted flavor. I grill my corn by soaking in some cold water for about 15 minutes and then I place the corn (in the husk) directly on the grill over low heat for about 30 minutes. We usually put this on first and when we’re ready to cook the remainder of our dinner, we move the corn to the higher rack until we’re ready to serve it. Then we shuck it and drown it in butter.  I know folks who put the butter on before grilling, but I’m afraid of flare-ups on the grill so I wait.

To make your hobo pockets:

Start with a bowl and some foil. I use the bowl to help shape the cavity in which I’ll place the food.

IMG_0429 Then add your food

IMG_0430 Season

IMG_0431 Close it up, being sure you seal it well to keep the heat and steam inside.

IMG_0432Place it on your grill and cook.  For the potatoes, I think I cooked them about 30 minutes. The veggies were on there about 15 but SuperMan said that next time we’d do the carrots separately and longer (or cut them into smaller pieces) because they were still a little hard and everything else was done.


I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but be careful when you take this off of the grill. It’s HOT!!  And, it will stay hot for a little while, so be careful when you open it, too, that you don’t get a steam burn.

I hope you enjoy. I know I will be doing a LOT more of these this summer.  The food is so good in them and it’s just so simple.

This is next on my list to try:

I’ll let you know how it turns out!


One thought on “Hobo Pockets and Grill Cooking

  1. This sounds sooooo yummy! I’m glad that DH made me some dinner before I read this post… But I will try this out next time we get out the BBQ. Thanks for sharing!


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