Good enough

This was in my inbox the other day:

Dear Incredible Girl,

When you've done all that you can do, and you still feel like you have so much further to go, when you feel like all that you have to give still isn't nearly enough, when it seems that you will not be able to keep up everything that needs to be kept up for one minute longer —
stop and breathe.

Look. Really really look at what you are expecting of yourself.

You are an incredible girl. You are amazing and strong and brilliant. But friend, you are also a human being. You cannot do it all. You cannot always hold everything together perfectly, and you cannot be perfectly composed every single day. It's okay to have 'off' days. It's okay to feel weak and overwhelmed and have meltdowns once in awhile. It's okay. YOU are okay.

Everything is going to be okay. It is.

Let yourself have days to be a perfectly imperfect human being. Let yourself feel what you need to feel and process your life the way you need to process it. Let yourself BE.

Bad days will pass, overwhelm will dissolve, and the sun will come up again tomorrow morning, just like it does every day. There will be a brand new sparkling day waiting for your tomorrow, waiting for you to hold hands with all of the joy that it is offering.

You are just right. You are doing great. You are fabulous!

And you are very very very very loved.

"A little bird told me" – your Daily Truth from The Brave Girls Club


I just love this.

Absolutely love it.

Why is it that we hold ourselves to impossible standards?

Why do we feel like we must be perfect in everything we do?

And when we fall short (as we almost must do) we feel like we’re worthless and berate ourselves instead of celebrating our successes and accomplishments, no matter how large or small?

When did this become the norm?

And why?

And is this what we want to teach our children?

That good enough is never good enough?

I don’t.

I want my girls to push themselves to be all they can – to stretch beyond what they think they can do and find out what they really can do but I also want them to learn that, as long as they have tried their best, that is good enough.

That they don’t have to measure their success by external yardsticks – by what others think or what others expect – but by their own hearts and their own rulers. 

That giving it your best effort is good enough.

And learning to be okay with that.

And maybe, just maybe, while I’m teaching them, I’ll learn it myself.

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