Just in case you were wondering

I’m a week into having my new phone and I just have to say, I am loving it.  Is it bad to be in love with technology? Because I am.

I have joked that I went over to “the dark side” but I am beginning to think that it might be the opposite.


This is the first phone I have had in a loooong time that I haven’t had to reboot it, kill applications, or take out the battery to reset things. It’s been cruising along, responding to all of my needs without a single hiccup or issue.

And it is making some parts of my life easier – for example, I am doing a great job with my Project Life pictures now – the nifty apps and great camera make it fun to snap pictures – and I don’t have to carry another camera with me (or forget it at home, which usually happened) to capture the everyday.

I’m loving the Instagram app. But I’m sure you’ve heard others rave about it.  It’s just totally cool. I’m also enjoying playing with the Project 365 app, but I have to admit I’m using Instagram more to push my pictures to Facebook & my Project Life blog – it’s just easier to use one application for the editing and publishing.

I’m still figuring things out – like yesterday when I was sitting in the doctor’s office trying to make my ringer go to “mute” and kept setting off the ring tone. LOL Everyone kept looking at me like “what in the heck is she doing?” and I just couldn’t stop giggling because the harder I tried to make the phone be quiet the more noise it made.

Almost like it was a toddler and was determined to disrupt.  It just tickled me and I almost stood up in the waiting room and said “Sorry, it’s a brand new phone and I’m still figuring it out. If you know how to make it shut up, will you help me?”  But, I didn’t.

And speaking of the doctor’s visit – what is it with making you sit in those freezing exam rooms with nothing but thin paper gowns on for almost an hour  only to see the doctor for a grand total of five minutes?  I mean, really? I spent more time frozen and waiting than I did with the doctor. At least there is nothing wrong with me. *pshew* (or at least nothing the doctor needs to worry about, anyway!)

Back to phone-dom. I’m sure that previous paragraph was TMI for some of you. 🙂

Other apps I love?


I’m happy with the SyncML program I have to sync my email and contacts. Because of the interface with my work email this program works beautifully.

I also like Netflix.  Love that I can download and watch a video on my phone (my phone for Pete’s sake! Who would’ve thunk it?)

Any of you iPhone users have any other suggestions for me?

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