We are BORG

Well, we did it.

We finally succumbed.

After fighting with my Droid phone all week last week on my business trip (and losing the battle most of the time) I decided I’d had enough.  After driving down the freeway in California with no idea where I was going – and my lovely Droid decides it’s time to lock up/freeze/go into la-la land… After turning my fully-charged phone OFF for a 3 hour flight, only to turn it on when we land and find a 90% DEAD battery (um, ok, where did the charge go?)…. I was done. Finis. Kaput. ENOUGH already.

SuperMan’s phone, coincidentally decided that it really didn’t want to charge on a consistent basis, either. His blackberry was over 2 (almost 3?) years old and it had been used and abused enough.

So, I bit the bullet and decided to get us both new phones.

and not just any new phones…


Yes, we did it.

We are BORG.

We have been assimilated.

I can’t really give you a thorough review of the phones yet, because they just arrived yesterday and I’ve made a grand total of ONE phone call on mine, but I can tell you this. They were the easiest to activate, set up and load up of any smart phone I’ve had to date. And that includes all the extras I have to set up for my work access (VPN, chat, email, etc.) Super simple.

IMG_0394 His and hers.

Yin and Yang.

(excuse the messy desk, please)

Aren’t they pretty?

We’re so excited. You’d think we’d gotten a puppy and not a phone.

The girls are thrilled, too.

Big Girl got my “old” ipod touch.  Little Bit inherited Big Girl’s ipod nano.

So, we really are BORG.

But it’s OK.

It’s like I told someone the other day.  You get what you pay for. And with Apple, you may pay a little more, but you know it’s high quality.

I’ll post again in a month or so and let you know what I think about the day-to-day responsiveness and use. It will be an interesting comparison to what I had.

Although, I have to say… I think my poor Droid was just overtaxed and underequipped (memory-wise) to handle what I tried to make it do. I have talked to TONS of people (including total strangers in the airports last week- I did an informal poll to see what people thought of their phones) and lots of people (with newer Droids) were thrilled with theirs.  I think mine was just not configured to handle what I needed it to do.


5 thoughts on “We are BORG

  1. I don’t know whether to be envious that I have yet to be assimilated or relieved! My phone sends text messages and I can speak to others on it. That’s it. No camera, no interface, no Internet. Never mind the Borg – I Am Dinosaur!


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