Well, we did it.

We finally succumbed.

After fighting with my Droid phone all week last week on my business trip (and losing the battle most of the time) I decided I’d had enough.  After driving down the freeway in California with no idea where I was going – and my lovely Droid decides it’s time to lock up/freeze/go into la-la land… After turning my fully-charged phone OFF for a 3 hour flight, only to turn it on when we land and find a 90% DEAD battery (um, ok, where did the charge go?)…. I was done. Finis. Kaput. ENOUGH already.

SuperMan’s phone, coincidentally decided that it really didn’t want to charge on a consistent basis, either. His blackberry was over 2 (almost 3?) years old and it had been used and abused enough.

So, I bit the bullet and decided to get us both new phones.

and not just any new phones…


Yes, we did it.

We are BORG.

We have been assimilated.

I can’t really give you a thorough review of the phones yet, because they just arrived yesterday and I’ve made a grand total of ONE phone call on mine, but I can tell you this. They were the easiest to activate, set up and load up of any smart phone I’ve had to date. And that includes all the extras I have to set up for my work access (VPN, chat, email, etc.) Super simple.

IMG_0394 His and hers.

Yin and Yang.

(excuse the messy desk, please)

Aren’t they pretty?

We’re so excited. You’d think we’d gotten a puppy and not a phone.

The girls are thrilled, too.

Big Girl got my “old” ipod touch.  Little Bit inherited Big Girl’s ipod nano.

So, we really are BORG.

But it’s OK.

It’s like I told someone the other day.  You get what you pay for. And with Apple, you may pay a little more, but you know it’s high quality.

I’ll post again in a month or so and let you know what I think about the day-to-day responsiveness and use. It will be an interesting comparison to what I had.

Although, I have to say… I think my poor Droid was just overtaxed and underequipped (memory-wise) to handle what I tried to make it do. I have talked to TONS of people (including total strangers in the airports last week- I did an informal poll to see what people thought of their phones) and lots of people (with newer Droids) were thrilled with theirs.  I think mine was just not configured to handle what I needed it to do.


5 thoughts on “We are BORG

  1. I don’t know whether to be envious that I have yet to be assimilated or relieved! My phone sends text messages and I can speak to others on it. That’s it. No camera, no interface, no Internet. Never mind the Borg – I Am Dinosaur!

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