Recipe Wednesday (sort of)

I’m still under the weather and feeling pretty rotten. This “bug” is a pretty nasty one and it’s taking it’s toll on me. I feel like a limp noodle with a raw throat. Don’t think it is strep, though (a couple of you have asked) so I’m just taking my vitamins and listening to my body.

Since I feel so lousy, I’m not really thinking about food… or recipes.  So, rather than leave you hanging with nothing new today, I thought I would share a few recipes I’ve bookmarked on Delicious that I want to try someday.

If you have a recipe to share, add to the list by including it in a comment below. Maybe we’ll all get some new ideas to try out someday soon!

So, what have you got to share? Let’s see!

2 thoughts on “Recipe Wednesday (sort of)

  1. Sorry you are still so unwell, and hoping you can find you can find something soft and gentle that will nourish you and slip easily down that poorly throat.


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