“Gel” Manicure: Day 11

I decided to treat myself to a mani/pedi right before my trip last week. The ladies at the nail salon talked me into getting a “gel” manicure. It’s where they put a gel/polish compound on your nails and “cure” it under a UV light for 2-3 minutes. The manicure is supposed to last for 3 weeks and I figured even if it only lasted for one week, that was longer than the manicures I usually get. I’m a frequent hand-washer and I’m hard on manicures.  So, I thought, why not? Pretty nails for the meetings & travel would be nice.


So, here is what they look like – 10 days out from the manicure. IMG_0390

I got a lot of compliments on my nails last week & over the weekend. Which was surprising, because that’s not normally something people notice or comment on (for me, anyway)

You can see there is a little growth of my nails, but they still look nice.  IMG_0391

I did have one casualty – this morning – I think it is from all the hand washing I’ve been doing with this dratted cold I have. The corner just peeled up. The nail underneath doesn’t look bad – I was worried that this might damage my nails (they told me it wouldn’t, but I was skeptical) but they seem to have survived okay. IMG_0392So, a week and a half out, I’m still satisfied with the manicure.  Would I do it again? Probably. For a special occasion.  On a regular basis? Probably not. It is just more high-maintenance than my life is geared for right now.

But I’m enjoying the pretty nails while they last. 🙂

2 thoughts on ““Gel” Manicure: Day 11

  1. I’ve been getting Shellac manicures, which is a type of gel manicure, since last August. They are fantastic, and I love how my nails look. I also stopped my nail biting habit. I can go 3 weeks — there’s noticeable growth, but on the whole, they look great.


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