Menu Plan Monday ~ 2 May

I’m traveling this week. Out west for business, not pleasure. Well, it will be fun to see all these people I talk with on the phone all the time, but the family is not with me, ergo it’s not a “pleasure” trip.

I’ve planned out the week’s dinners to make it easy for my mom, who has come in to take care of the kids while I’m gone. I’m sure that there will be adjustments and adaptations – and that is her prerogative. Make it easy on yourself, I told her. Do what works for you.

But here is what I’ve planned out for the week – mostly family favorites that I know the girls like and that are easy to prepare (can you say crock pot, people?)MPM_Button

I hope you have a great week. I have a few posts scheduled just in case I’m too busy to write some real-time posts, but I’m taking my camera so I hope to share some photos from my trip once I get home!

Join us over at for more menu ideas.

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