Project Life, a wedding, and more

Did you watch?

Did you rise early to see the Prince get married? I did, although I was getting up early anyway, so it wasn’t a special thing that I got up so stinkin’ early.  But I have to say, it was beautiful.  She was simply gorgeous – elegant, regal and so feminine. And the princes looked so relaxed, Harry even joking around.

The girls (my girls) were cute – I woke them to see the wedding (it was time for them to get up anyway) and Little Bit wasn’t sure she wanted to wake up for the wedding or not. “Can I go back to sleep afterward?” uh, no. “Then no, I don’t want to watch.”

But I think they loved it anyway.

On another note –


My Project Life kit arrived! Hooray!

I spent a little time yesterday starting to get things together. I have been snapping pictures for a few weeks with this project in mind, although I don’t have that much from January/February, March onwards is covered pretty well.

After looking at lots of other Project Life pages online, I have decided this year to keep more memorabilia and some of the kids’ schoolwork – this album will be THE place I record 2011 – everything is going to go in there – digital pages, snapshots, everything.

I have everything scattered out on the kitchen table now, but I think I’ll be moving it to my basement scrap space tonight. I can’t stand the mess there and I’m paranoid about getting food or something on the pages.IMG_0381

Finalizing my plans and preparation for my business trip next week. I used to travel all the time for work, but I am so out of practice these days.  I have been obsessing about the trip for weeks and have my bags partially packed already.  Today I’ll be sneaking in a mani/pedi so that all is groomed and tailored for next week. I’m so accustomed to wearing jeans/yoga pants and casual clothes that it feels a little strange to be planning to dress up, even just a little bit. But it will be fun to be a “grown up” for a few days – not just Mommy in yoga pants who happens to work, too. 🙂

Posts are scheduled throughout the week, but if I miss a day or two, don’t think I’ve forgotten you. I plan to take photos and have plenty to share when I return!

4 thoughts on “Project Life, a wedding, and more

  1. Love the Project Life kit! It looks soooo exciting!
    Yes, I watched the Wedding, though it was on at “normal” time here, me being in the UK. It was lovely and I am glad I switched on the tv for a while.
    I was up early, but that was for a “Business Meeting” (!!!) I am starting to get work as a freelance tutor of craft and book-binding. Today I went to a local shop, who have their own classroom space, to discuss a book-binding workshop day in July. It was very productive and I’m so glad I phoned to ask for a face-to-face meeting, rather than trying to plan it all by e-mail. We got to know each other a little and found some common interests to discuss – that helps, when you have to work at someone else’s business; now we each know the other is “okay”! Like you, I have got used to slobbing around in my jeans. I don’t even own a business-type suit any longer, though I have a nice, neutral linen blazer-jacket. Luckily, I don’t think I need to “dress up” to do a bookbinding course – who wants to get glue on their best clothes?!
    Good luck with your business trip. I’m sure you’ll soon get back into the swing of it, though you may find it hard to be away from your little girls. My guys were still alive after my three days away on a bookbinding and printmaking course last year… You’ll be surprised to find they got on ok without you and that you missed them most! But, like you said, it is nice to be “grown up” and do something for yourself now and then. Have a good trip!


  2. I missed the actual exchanging of vows but saw a bit afterward. One thing about being an American – we just don’t have all that regal ceremony. And it is breathtaking. I’m glad my teen daughters weren’t really watching. Wouldn’t want them thinking their future weddings should look anything like that!


  3. Lizzie – Congrats on your new venture! It sounds terribly exciting. Let me know how the class goes. Too bad I am so far, far away. It would be fun to attend one of your classes.
    I think I am ready for the trip – or as ready as I am going to be – nails: check, wax: check, pack: check, hair: check. 🙂 Just gotta go to the airport.
    It will be fun and exciting but it will also be so, so nice when I get home on Friday.


  4. I remember Diana’s wedding and how enthralled I was as a 12 year old girl watching it… and then how sad I was when I heard she’d died. I think the wedding today was beautiful pageantry and that it was very classily done, but you wouldn’t expect anything different from the Windsors, now would you?
    As for your daughters wanting something that fantastic, don’t let them watch David Tutera, either!! My girls love it and now I’m stuck trying to explain that not EVERYONE has that type of bang-up wedding. Most people don’t!! Good luck!


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