Beatrice has a new friend

I just celebrated my ten year anniversary at my company.  They sent me a nice email congratulating me and linking to a website with a list of anniversary gifts I could choose from to celebrate the big event.  As usual with these type of corporate (and universally "PC" for all), they were not that of great choices – watches, plaques, etc. – things I’d never buy myself if I had the money.  Just as I was losing hope, I clicked one more link and found the *best* choice of all. An AMEX gift certificate. Yep, who doesn’t  love those?

I quickly scooped that puppy up (in the e-sense of the word “scoop”) and added it to my “cart.”  Now… what was I going to use it for? It had to be something that was a little bit indulgent and totally for me. No bill-paying responsible behavior here.  This was my anniversary gift. It had to be fun.

I have been flipping back and forth between wanting a new iPad and considering the new Nook Color.  You all know from my praises sung about Beatrice how much I love my Nook. But did I really want another one? Or did I want the iPad?

Everyone that is anyone has an iPad. Did I want to become part of that clique?

And did I really need one?  Of course, need has nothing to do with this, does it? (just ask Cathy Zielske)

And I kept thinking about how big an iPad is, compared to my little Nookie… and how expensive they are (ouch!) and did I really want one, or just want one because everyone else has one?

Which kept bringing me back to the Nook. 

And I started researching the new Nook Color. 

And it’s beautiful.  And sleek. And small (but not too small)

And best of all, it’s Android (like my phone)

So, off I went to the B&N store.  After an hours’ worth of conversation with my handy, helpful Nook Geek, I was sold.  He told me they were going to be releasing an update to the Nook Color software which would enable me to download apps onto it (much like I have done on my phone) and that it would become more and more of a true tablet-PC type of tool, not just an e-reader.  Which, they did, today. And I already have Angry Birds loaded. (hee hee) And a nifty email client so I can check email on there. And surf the web. And update Facebook. (which, we know, is vital.)

I think (and this is just my opinion) that B&N has decided the iPad is their competition (not Kindle) and that seems to be where their focus is for development.

Which is a good deal for me. Given that I am already familiar with Android and love the Nook software, too.

So, now, Beatrice has a new cousin. And she is beautiful. And sleek. And shiny and colorful. (and she has a pretty pink cover)


And she’s all mine.

One thought on “Beatrice has a new friend

  1. That is soooo nice! How great that they thought to include a voucher, for those who really didn’t fancy the rest of the “standard stuff”.
    That little bit of a computer is so cute. My DH has an i-Pod Touch and I love to play with it too (I have a bit of a problem with insomnia – the solitaire game or i-books make me sleepy again, so the i-pod is “mine” from 10pm to 5am). He says I can have this for myself, when he saves up for an i-Phone at some point. Yippee!
    Enjoy your lovely new toy (oops, sorry, should I say “organisational tool”? Noooo… sounds so boring – toys are more fun!).


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