Sometimes you slow down…

… and enjoy the little things.201012081618.jpg

We spent the weekend at a little slower pace than we have spent the past few weekends.

Partly because Little Bit was feeling under the weather. Partly because I was just tired and ready for a break.

It was nice.

Saturday, I spent some time catching up on my reading/homework for my bible study class.


And helping Big Girl learn how to fold those silly fortune-teller thingys all kids seem to get hooked on making at one time or another:


Of course, Buster Dog was at my feet – which is where he would prefer to spend 90% of his lifetime (the other 10% would be spent eating or chasing squirrels, I think)

And Little Bit ventured outside for a little recreation for a few minutes:


SuperMan cut the grass (I was “helping” him while I read)


And then we started on THE BIG PROJECT of the weekend – My Easter/Mother’s Day vegetable garden. I’m so excited!


Big Girl even recruited the neighbors to help dump the bags of topsoil.

It’s a raised bed on the sunny side of the house. I absolutely can’t wait until things start popping up!

Sunday, we went and got the last of the dirt – and the most important thing – plants & seeds!!

IMG_0348 *cue the Green Acres theme song here*


It was an awesome weekend.And it’s an awesome Mother’s Day/Easter present.

Thank you, SuperMan.

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