Menu Plan Monday ~ 25 April

The kids are out of school today (queue the choirs of angels singing) and that means a slow, easy start to my Monday. Which I absolutely LOVE. I think all Mondays should be this way. I don’t mind working on Monday, but I think easing into the week at about 10AM should be the way to go. You know, kinda sneak up on things.

Little Bit is still battling her bug… guess that means we’ll be back at the pediatrician today sometime. I’m waiting for her to wake up now so that I know how good or bad she is feeling.

This week may prove to be a bit hectic, I am afraid. I am traveling for work next week and my mom (bless her) is coming up to take care of the girls while I am gone. So, in addition to my normal stuff, I’m going to be working on getting everything in order for her so that it is easy and hopefully low stress for her to step into my shoes while I’m gone. I know the girls are going to love having their Ammi here and will not miss me at all – they will be spoiled rotten when I get home, but that is a good thing to make up for having Mommy be away for a week.

The weather is warming up and I’m craving light and easy foods – chicken salad, garden salads, etc.  I think we will be doing a lot of grilling this week, as long as Mother Nature cooperates and doesn’t give us these afternoon showers that the weather people are predicting. I don’t have a lot of confidence in their forecasts, though. Daddy always said the weathermen lie. 😉

We spent the weekend planting a small garden. SuperMan’s “Easter basket” for me. I am so excited and can’t wait to see things start to grow and produce. I’m sure I will be posting pictures here to share with you.

So, enough rambling – here’s the menu:

  • Grilled Chicken, roasted broccoli, potatoes
  • Homemade pizzas – still haven’t gotten around to making these! I may change things up a bit and make this instead.MPM_Button
  • Another batch of Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo (the kids said they didn’t get enough last week)
  • Grilled pork chops, saffron rice & veggies – or maybe Slow Cooker Pork Chops. I have some pork chops in the freezer I need to cook.
  • “Rotisserie” crock pot chicken
  • Chicken salad made with the leftover chicken.

I’m also going to bake up some of my baked oatmeal bars so that I can take some with me on my trip next week (I’ll freeze them before I go) and have them to nibble on while I’m on the plane and/or in the hotel room.

And, I have some bananas on the counter that are begging to be made into some banana bread.

What about you?

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