Sunday Silliness

Happy Easter to all of you!

We are celebrating the Resurrection together as a family today – and I hope you’re with your loved ones as well.

I thought I’d share some silliness with you today as usual. Some Peep silliness. Did you know that people create all sorts of silly things with Peeps? Why? Because they can, I guess. Seems like a waste of a Peep if you ask me (the girls agree) but they’re cute nonetheless.

Enjoy!  (these all from here)

Dancing with the Peeps?


Peep Beetles?

image Toilet Peeper – LOL

image LOL – Angry Peeps (these are all from here)

imageimage image

These are kind of like my favorite cake decorating blog – Cake Wrecks – have you ever seen that? It’s hysterical. Be prepared to spit out your coffee/tea as you laugh if you click over there. You’ve been warned.

Happy Easter, everyone.

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