On a Saturday Morning ~ Easter Weekend

Good Saturday morning to you, my friends…

I’m sitting here in my office with a GIANT cup of hot tea and watching the news while I catch up on blog reading. Haven’t had much time for that this week as Little Bit came down with a nasty case of strep throat. She’s been pretty sick and I’ve been spending most of my time taking care of her. It’s bittersweet, as I hold her in my lap and see her legs and arms dangling over the edges of the recliner.  My babies are growing up and it won’t be long before they don’t want me to hold them in this way. So, while I hate that she is sick, I’m loving the extra snuggle time we are having.

Our weekend plans have changed because of her illness and we’re not headed to see family as we had thought.  But we are hoping to have some fun ourselves this weekend if she is feeling better – maybe a hike on Sunday afternoon. If not, we’ll just enjoy some relaxing time at home together.

Outside my window… its misty and foggy but looks to be a beautiful day today.

I am thinking… about how quickly things change even though they feel like they will always be the same.

I am thankful… for my house, my family, my health, and my blessings.

From the kitchen…homemade bread, cheese grits and yummy breakfast cooked by SuperMan this morning.

I am wearing…PJs – for as long as I possibly can today. 🙂

I am creating…comfort and care for my sick little one.

I am going…for a walk later today, I hope.

I am readingThe Peach Keeper & How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth.

I am hoping…that I can get all my reading in this weekend for my class on Tuesday night. I’m loving the class but unaccustomed to having homework to fit into my schedule.

I am hearing…Scooby Cat making blissful noises as she rolls in front of the heating vent and revels in the warm air.

Around the house…chores that have been put on hold while I nursed Little Bit. They can wait.

One of my favorite things…good friends.

A few plans for the rest of the week…Easter Sunday celebrations & bible study class on Tuesday night.

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4 thoughts on “On a Saturday Morning ~ Easter Weekend

  1. Oh Poor Little Bit! I had strep throat as a teenager and it was soooo painful! I lost so much weight, because I couldn’t eat for days and days and I remember feeling really rotten! I wish her well very soon.
    Hope you have a relaxing and peacful weekend, with some nice weather, so you can get out for that walk – I would imagine you will need it, after all the cuddling and caring you’re doing!


  2. Thanks, Lizzie. I am just enjoying the slow-down in the schedule, even if it wasn’t planned. She says she feels better but she sounds terrible and is still running a fever. I’m hopeful things continue to improve, if not we’ll be back at the doctor on Monday. At least they have a holiday Monday so she gets an extra day to recuperate.


  3. Hope your baby is feeling better today. They do grow up so fast, too fast… Mine are all teenagers but every blue moon they’ll come up and hug me when I least expect it. It’s so cool and almost makes up for them growing up on me. 🙂


  4. It is never fun when our kids are sick. We have had our share this year with my youngest and at times all I wanted to do was cry as it is so hard to see these little ones so sick and scared and just wondering why everything is hurting. It is just now that we are able to see the real her shining.
    I hope you were able to enjoy some walks and maybe even an hike this weekend. Also that your daugther gets better fast.
    Thank you for letting me have a glimpse of your life. Please come visit me at my blog when you have time.


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