Saturday Fun

We had a change in plans on Saturday but the afternoon turned out to be absolutely wonderful, even if it wasn’t what we thought we’d be doing when we woke up that morning.  Little Bit was supposed to have a sleepover, but her friend woke on Saturday with a case of strep, so the sleepover was definitely out of the plans.  One of our friends invited us up to their house (in the mountains) for the afternoon when she heard how disappointed Little Bit was about the canceled sleepover.

So, after lunch we drove up to Blue Ridge.  We had the best time tromping around in the woods, grilling dinner on their deck overlooking the lake, and roasting marshmallows by the fire.  Such a fun, relaxing afternoon and evening in the company of some really sweet friends. We’re so lucky.

Here are some pictures I snapped during the day:


Walking down by the lake – the water was really, really low – we had fun throwing rocks and walking along the edge.


And balancing on trees…IMG_0290

And I found a “rock” I wanted – I think it was marble or quartz, or a little of both – but SuperMan said he kept digging and the “rock” kept going so I had to leave it behind.IMG_0293

I did find a smaller one which SuperMan graciously carried all the way up the (steep) hill for me.  Only later did I try to pick it up myself and see how heavy it really was!!  IF I’d known that I would’ve never asked him to carry it. But it’s in my garden now and I love it.


I also loved these mushrooms and lichen.

IMG_0302Roasting marshmallows by the fire and relaxing in the hammock

IMG_0298 IMG_0299

We were exhausted when we got home but we had such a great day – it was the best kind of exhaustion – born of fresh air, fun times and great memories made.


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