Menu Plan Monday ~ 18 April

It’s Monday. Again.

Funny how those keep popping up.

Every time I think I’m firmly ensconced in the weekend and loving every minute, Monday rears her head and takes over my week again, forcing me into structure, routine and responsibility. Bah.

Monday, you need to take a vacation and let Sunday cover for you for a few weeks. Two Sundays in my week would be really nice.

Last week was crazy busy and this week doesn’t look to be much better. It’s that season of the year for me – end of the school year and end of the fiscal year (at work) = craziness. June is looking awfully sweet to me right now.

The girls helped me to come up with this week’s menu plan. They had very strong opinions about what they wanted me to cook and I figured I’d go with it – heck, if it means they’ll eat what I cook, I’m game!


Monday: Roast & Rice & Gravy

Tuesday: Homemade pizzas

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo

Friday: eating out

Weekend: family togetherness with the grandparents.

What about you? Anything special planned with the Easter weekend coming?


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