It’s not Instagram, but I like it

I don’t have an iPhone. Therefore, I don’t have Instagram. I love the Instagram photos I see online, but I’m not going to give up my Droid phone for an iPhone just for the app, that’s for sure.

I have, however, found a pretty cool photo program (or two) for my Droid phone.

One in particular I really like –

Retro Camera

Retro Camera is a program with five different “cameras” you can use to shoot with – (quoted from their website)

The Bärbl – An East German classic, naturally faded with a scratched film and medium vignetting, the perfect all-round choice.
The Little Orange Box – The Soviet Staple with aggressive cross processing and scratched square film. It's crappy plastic lens leaks in light and exhibits strong vignetting. Black and white option for even more emotion.
Xolaroid 2000 – Its inspiration is obvious! We love the candid snapshots this camera produces – you simply can't fail, every shot is a keeper. Blue / Green cross processing effects and timeless contrast. Black and white option for that classic touch.
The Pinhole Camera – A DIY gem and more unpredictable than Schrödinger's cat. Full bleed developing and vignetting through the roof, be sure to give this cardboard chimera a go.
The FudgeCan – The perfect rig for outdoors; developed on square film that wasn't quite stored… or developed right. But therein lies the charm that'll make your pics with this beauty, memorable and instantly nostalgic.

I am finally getting around to playing with it, after having it installed for a couple of months and totally forgetting it’s there.

Here are a few shots I took last week:

shot_1301698267922I think this one was with the Little Orange Box camera.  shot_1301937838306And these two are with the Xolaroid shot_1301937847752

And this one, I think, with the Bärbl camera.   shot_1301937868829

I think someone was finished having her picture taken – and I love the note – I didn’t see it at the time but it was a note between her and my mom, written on the menu. Sweet.

Have you found any non-iPhone apps that you love?

4 thoughts on “It’s not Instagram, but I like it

  1. I love that app too. You should also give picplz a try. It’s very similar to Instagram and you can use it on your Droid and connect it to Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.


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