Fit? Fridays

Yes, that is a question mark after Fit.  And yes, it is there intentionally.

I’m not sure I’m qualified to consider myself fit as of yet. As a matter of fact, I know I’m not. I’ll know that I am fit when I can do that Jillian Michaels video without thinking I’m going to die. Or at least when I can do it repeatedly without thinking I am going to die.

But, as I promised I’d share with you the continuing saga of getting back on the exercise bandwagon, here I go with another installment.

If you will recall, I shared with you the valiant effort that was made in trying to complete the entire 20 minute workout on the Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred video.

Follow that with two days of sheer torturous pain and agony.  We’re talking barely able to walk up/down the stairs, people.

SuperMan tried his best not to laugh (out loud) at me, but I know he was enjoying every minute of it.

I made sure, though, that I kept moving, even if I wasn’t ready for another round of self-inflicted torture just yet.  I did daily yoga and focused on my stretching (felt good) and breathing (felt even better) and tried to incorporate some walking into my daily routines.

The video is still taunting me.

I will tackle it again this coming week. I spent the better part of the last week of March up to my eyeballs in work and pollen and this past week has been Spring Break and exercising on Spring Break is verboten. (did you know that?)

I have done a little exercising.

I haven’t been totally slack.  Some yoga here and there, some stretching and some walking disguised as shopping last week.

It’s not where I want to be, but I will be getting things in gear again once the kids are back in school next week and we return to our normal routine.

What about you?

One thought on “Fit? Fridays

  1. Who, me? Ummm… errr… Weeellll….
    Okay, I have done almost no exercise for several months – except for the general walking places (instead of taking the car!), running up the stairs (never down, as my balance is not good enough yet), scampering round the odd shop or two, thinking about how I must start an Exercise Routine, so that I am able to cope with a weekend of Yoga at the end of June!
    I am filled with admiration that you’re managing to organise exercise into your life. I also must do this…
    The only thing I would say… try breaking down the exercise into smaller, more regular sessions, rather than tearing your muscles to pieces, then suffering for days afterward – it won’t get you fit quicker! If you do hurt a muscle (or six!), the osteopath tells me that an ice-pack (in a tea-towel to avoid frost-bite!), applied for 10 minutes every couple of hours, will encourage faster healing. I know this works, though I am bad at actually doing it myself – so don’t feel obliged!
    Good luck and keep up the good work! I’ll be looking out for the next progress report (and I may even have something positive to tell you about myself next time!)


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