Seeing the sights

During our spring break this week, Mom and my step-dad wanted Big Girl to take some pictures of the historic buildings downtown. So, we headed downtown to take some pictures on Wednesday.

Big Girl was the “official” photographer of the day…

dscn0269 dscn0259dscn0254 dscn0109 dscn0253   dscn0262dscn0293 dscn0264

We also went into the Cathedral – she took some great pictures:

dscn0290 dscn0106 dscn0107 dscn0108 dscn0272 dscn0273 dscn0274 dscn0281 dscn0282 dscn0283

We’re headed home tomorrow – hopefully to have some fun with SuperMan this weekend before we come face-to-face with reality on Monday morning.

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