Menu Plan Monday (not)

There will be no menu plan this week. The girls and I are enjoying Spring Break and have taken off to spend the week at my mom's house – shopping, playing, laughing, and relaxing.  Little Bit is not feeling well, but our wonderful pediatrician has called in some antibiotics and she's on the mend.  

The weather down here is beautiful – sunshiny and warm – as opposed to the gloom and rain we've had in North Georgia the past couple weeks. I spent a good bit of time on the swing in Mom's backyard yesterday – getting my dose of Vitamin D the good old fashioned way.

We may make an excursion to somewhere fun – like St Augustine – or we may just decide to stick closer to home.

I don't know how much I'll post this week – these folks are not too tolerant of me being on the computer.  But I'll be back next week for sure. 🙂

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