Menu Plan Monday ~ 28 March

Counting down this week to Spring Break. I’m not sure who is more excited, me or the girls. Or SuperMan, actually. He is going on an all-guys fishing trip this weekend. It’ll be the first time in I don’t know how long he’s done something like that. I’m so excited for him and hope it becomes a regular occurrence – I think everyone needs a little getaway now and then.

The girls and I will be hanging out with my mom for part of the week, and at home for the remainder.  We’re looking forward to shopping, crafting and just relaxing. It’s been a busy past few weeks and no break since our snow days in January. It’ll be nice to just wake up without an alarm clock for a change.

I’m hoping I may actually get to scrapbook a little next week, too. Who knows? I may have something to share with you…

IMGP1340 Rainy, rainy weekend this past weekend. It feels like wintertime again, although the trees and flowers are going nuts with new growth.  It was amazing on Saturday to look outside and it felt as if you could actually see the leaves popping out! Every time I’d look out, there were more leaves than just a few hours prior.

Of course, with all the new growth comes allergies – and we’ve all been suffering this year.  The rain was welcome on that account, although I know the pollen counts will be even higher once the rain stops. It’s a necessary evil to endure in the spring and I’ll take it if it means warmer weather and spring flowers.

Because of the rain, I’m planning something soupy for dinner tonight. And maybe some cornbread.

The rest of the week will be about preparing foods SuperMan can eat while we’re gone so he won’t have to worry with cooking. He likes to cook, but his busy work schedule right now means cooking is not high on the priority list. I’d rather have things ready for him to heat and eat so he can focus on other things.

mealplanmonday_v2So, here’s what I have planned for the week’s cooking:

What about you? Anything good planned in your kitchen this week?

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