Menu Plan Monday ~ 21 March

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Now, on to today's post:

Happy Spring, y’all!

I say that as I sit here listening to the birdies chirping and my eyes are watering and my nose running. Achoo!  I am so happy spring is here, even if that means the pollen counts hover close to the 1,000’s and that I’ll most likely be miserable with allergies for a few weeks.

I’m so happy that it is finally sunny and warm – I’m so happy the kids get to play outside and the flowers are blooming.

I’ll put up with the pollen and the sneezing and itchy eyes.

As I sat on the back deck this weekend, I noticed our dogwoods are starting to bloom.

IMGP3394 … and look at all the holes in this tree from the woodpeckers! We have three or four different kinds in the woods outside our house. I love watching them.

IMGP3395 Bring on the spring!

I’m lightening up our menu at home, too, now that the weather is warming up. I’m thinking more about salads – green salads, pasta salads, and about grilled foods.  Less heavy items and I’ll probably be packing up the crock pots for a while – well, maybe one or two anyway. 😉

I posted a series last week on how I approach menu planning. You can start with Part One here.


Here’s what we have planned this week:

  • Monday – Baked Ham, rice, black-eyed peas (mac & cheese to go with the ham for the kids)
  • Tuesday – Country-style chicken & gravy with rice & veggies
  • Wednesday – leftovers
  • Thursday -  Salisbury Steak w/ mashed potatoes
  • Friday – Grilled chicken & grilled veggies, salads & baked/roasted potatoes
  • Weekend cooking  – chicken pasta salad, Sunshine Cake, whatever else strikes my fancy – maybe some Beer Can Chicken or my Dry Rub BBQ chicken.

And here’s what I have planned on the blog:

  • I’ll be updating you all on my exercising adventures this week. I’ve been practicing my yoga to get myself a little more limber and I’m psyching myself up to tackle that exercise-video-from-hell again this week.
  • I’ve also got some recipes planned and and an update on my reading. Beatrice has been quite busy lately.

Hope you have a great week!

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