Help wanted

No, this is not a job post.

More of a request for help from you – to help me to create an even better blog.

Would you please take a minute and answer this survey?

I’m hoping to take the results and refine what I’m doing on the blog to provide even better content for you – things you are interested in and things you’d like to see (and maybe are not seeing now)

The survey is anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about what you say – please be brutally honest. I welcome your feedback!

NOTE: It does scroll (within this post) so please scroll down until you see the "submit" button or your selections will not be saved.

Thank you so much for being a part of my blog community – for stopping by and reading my random thoughts, for leaving comments, and for completing the survey!
I sure appreciate it!

4 thoughts on “Help wanted

  1. Ha! Thought you were advertising for a cleaner – I was going to offer to send round Sherlock, with a duster tied to his tail…
    I had a go at your survey – good luck with it!


  2. I filled out the survey but the final bit isn’t showing clearly and is overlaid with your last paragraph – there didn’t seem to be a button to press to say Now! or Post! so not sure if it went …


  3. You have to scroll – it is a window within the post – it is not easy to see, though (sorry)
    I can’t tell if you submitted or not because it is anonymous, but I’m guessing if you got no submit button it didn’t post.


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