On a Saturday morning

Outside my window… the birds are wondering why there is no seed in their feeders. I’m sorry, little birds, I’ll get some today.

I am thinking… about all the things happening in Japan and praying for all of the people affected by this disaster.

I am thankful… for my house, my family, my health, and my blessings.

From the kitchen… cake baking and food prep for a get-together tonight.

I am wearing… my uniform-of-choice: PJs

I am creating… uh, nothing right now. Not feeling creative at the moment – hope to find that creative mojo again soon.

I am going… to the grocery later this morning and hoping to sneak in a pedicure and maybe a Starbucks.image

I am reading… The Informationist 

I am hoping…that my Big Girl has a better day today.

I am hearing… Little Bit and her daddy as they talk about their artwork they are creating.

Around the house… things are neat and tidy (for a change)

One of my favorite things… my daily cup of tea (or CUPS, I should say)

A few plans for the rest of the week… my weekly Cup of Joy bible study, a baby shower for a dear friend

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2 thoughts on “On a Saturday morning

  1. I totally agree! My favorite tea is a good strong black tea with a good shot of sweetner – Splenda is my choice these days. I don’t feel awake until I’ve had at least a cup (or two) in the mornings…


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