a History lesson

It is always so fun to see life from the perspective of my children’s world… to see how they interpret things they experience and things they are told.

Little Bit (who isn’t so little anymore and may need a new name soon) has been learning about our forefathers in honor of the recent President’s Day celebrations. She brought home her “report” to share with me.

It is absolutely adorable on so many levels.

History LessonIt reads:

“Harriet  Tubman was a slave and was forced to sweep and clean.
George Washington went down in history (continued on the back)
and was very tall.  Benjamin Franklin was reading all day.”

I love her phonetic spelling.

I love reading what she learned about these historical figures.
(interesting perspective, isn’t it?)

I love the summary at the top (“All Good”)

I love all of it.

It makes me smile. 


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