Strawberry Cheesecake that is Good for You?

I know, sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Well, it isn’t!

As long as you’re willing to be creative with your definition of “strawberry cheesecake” that is…

I have a smoothie I make that tastes JUST LIKE a cheesecake with strawberries.


And it’s GOOD FOR ME!

“Winning!” (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie

8-10 oz milk
1 scoop strawberry protein powder (you could use vanilla, too)
1 Tbsp Cheesecake pudding mix (I use the sugar-free variety)
1 Tbps Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup (like the coffee syrups)
1-2 packets of Splenda (or your SF sweetener of choice)
1 cup frozen strawberries

Mix in blender & enjoy!!



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