Valentine’s Goodies

Valentine’s day is less than a week away!

I am one of those people who loves to decorate for the holidays throughout the year – no matter how small they are. I love changing out the decor of my home in small ways. I think it freshens things up and gives me an excuse to do something new and different. (my blog, too, can you tell?)

I’ll never be a Martha Stewart (who will be?) and with kids, my house is never going to be pristine enough for the decorating I’d like to do – but it makes me happy so I do it.

I have been decorating this way ever since we got our first house. I can remember loving to get the new Lillian Vernon catalog so I could see what the latest decorations are that I could order and hang.

I used to have a different wreath for the front door for every single month of the year.


Now? I’m a little more laid back in my decorating.

I take more of the do-it-yourself approach.

And what helps me is the internet –

There are all kinds of adorable Valentine’s freebies out there on the web right now.

I keep finding more and more.

And what a great, affordable way to decorate your home for Valentine’s day!

I keep a few 4×6 and 5×7 frames (silver and black ones) that I rotate out seasonal printables. That way, I always have something that is in keeping with the season and it only costs me a few pennies for printer ink and paper.


This is a Creative Memories frame that I absolutely LOVE. I swap it out all the time with scrapbook pages, pictures and printables – however the mood strikes me. It’s funny – my friends love looking to see what is new every time they come to visit.

I took the easy way out for February and just printed some of these freebies and put them up there. I have intentions of mounting that big one on some scrapbook paper, but that hasn’t been high on the priority list lately.


This is one of  Becky Higgins’ printables and I love it. I put it in a silver frame in my living room. I will probably leave it up way past Valentine’s because I think it is a very appropriate sentiment to remember every single day. 

Of course, you can always create your own, especially if you are a digital scrapbooker.

Here are a few I’ve found online, just in case you want to print your own:

And here is a great tutorial on making your own printables & subway art, even if you are not a digi scrapper!

I also add some cutsie towels, pink and red candles throughout the house – in the kitchen and in the guest bathroom.

How about you? Are you a seasonal decorator?

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Goodies

  1. Great list of wonderful things to explore … Thank-you! A seasonal decorator? Yep, though I’m more a four seasons type. I’ve never got excited about valentine’s Day, so won’t be doing anything in the pink and red line here – but I like to change the cushion covers and rugs on the sofa in mid-February for something lighter and more Spring-like. 🙂


  2. I used to have a denim sofa and I would switch out the pillows for lighter florals in the spring/summer and darker corduroy in the winter. I have a floral sofa now, so it’s not as easy to do.
    Big Girl’s birthday is in Feb – I think that is why I always decorate more for Valentine’s – to make the house more festive for her celebration.


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