Do you Super Bowl?

I will admit it.

We are not a big sports family.

SuperMan doesn’t really follow or care about sports (thank goodness)

And I have girly-girls who aren’t really into sports, either (again, thank goodness)

And I am as sports-challenged as they come.

I can’t throw a ball to save my life, and God help me if I have to run somewhere.
I’m sure to pull a muscle or twist my ankle.

It’s just not gonna happen.


Once a year, there is a glimmer of sports-related interest in my house.

Yes, for the Super Bowl.

But, let’s be honest here.

It’s not really about the game.

It’s about two things: (well, maybe three)

  • The commercials
  • The socializing
  • The food

But, if you know me (as I am sure you do by now) this is probably not a big surprise to you.

SuperMan usually DVRs the game so that he can go back and watch the commercials.  I usually just find them on YouTube the next day (much faster).

And, if we’re really lucky, someone will have a Super Bowl party and we can cook new goodies and join in the fun.

Not that we even care about the game.

Or who is winning.

But we’ll go and pretend anyway.  We’re generous that way.

This year, we’re getting together for a pre-Super Bowl party with a group of friends. This is ideal for me. 

All the fun without all the football.

I mean, what more could you ask for?

We’ll be bringing “heavy” hors d’oeuvres  – each family – and sharing in an early dinnertime so that we can be home before our kids’ bedtimes.

What are we bringing?

SuperMan is whipping up some wings – he has decided to do three flavors (the excess runs in our family) He will be doing Teriyaki Wings, Hot Wings, and some “Naked” Wings for the little people.

I’m fixing a crudités plate (it’ll be a stretch for me, I know) and I’ve stumbled across a dip I want to try (Buffalo Chicken Dip) If it turns out well, I’ll share the final recipe I use (‘cause you know I’ll fiddle with it a little)

I’m also thinking I’ll do something sweet. Maybe my Brown Sugar Cake or some brownies or cookies.

So, that’s it for our weekend plans.  We’re not fired up about the game.

We’re fired up about the food!

But, that’s what we’re all about… you know that!

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