Just How Many?

SuperMan had a couple of rain out days this week. He spent some time rearranging and decluttering things – that’s what he likes to do…strange, I know.

Anyway, as he was doing so, we realized one thing -  I have a LOT of crock pots.

I don’t think I’ve made any secret of my love of crock pots – and the fact that I use them very frequently – often 2 or 3 times a week.  Whoever invented the crock pot has my undying love. It is a busy mom’s dream come true (that and about 4 hrs of uninterrupted sleep).

Most people I know have one crock pot. If they have any at all.


Well, let’s just say I’m an overachiever.


Yeah, let’s say that.

Before I show you how many I have, let me tell you this – I have only purchased one of these (maybe two, I can’t remember)  myself.  The rest have been gifts.  Well loved, greatly appreciated gifts. (someone knew they key to my heart was through cooking appliances)

And, truthfully, I use every single one of them.

They all have a purpose to which they are best suited and I love putting them to use – especially when it means I’m serving up some love to my family and friends.

Okay, enough stalling…

Here’s my crock pot family.

The girls tell me there is “Big Daddy,” “Momma,” “Big Sister,” and “Baby.”  I think the other one is a cousin or something.

hee hee


Yes, you do count FIVE crock pots.

But aren’t they a cute family?

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