Menu Plan Monday ~ 17 January

I’m in recovery mode today. Recovering from a beautiful weekend at a women’s retreat. My soul is restored but my body is tired. I am so thankful that today is a holiday and I can relax and enjoy my children while I rest and prepare myself to get back in “the groove” the remainder of  the week.

The kids have only been to school 3 days since the middle of December. It feels a little like we’re starting back to school after summer break (again) although this time it was a snow break!

The snow has pretty much melted in our yard, although shadier yards in our neighborhood still have snow.  The roads are (mostly) clear and life is returning to normal around here.

Last week I had great plans for cooking before the snow came, but things changed once the entire family was stuck at home inside with the snow. Cooking became a form of entertainment and my menu choices changed to suit kids’ cooking skills and tastes.  Additionally, SuperMan did  a lot of the cooking – he was off work all week and I was still working – so he made up some of his own dinner menus some nights.

I’m hoping to try out a few new recipes from some of the cookbooks I received as Christmas gifts. If I like them, I’ll share them with you in coming posts.

So, a few items on this week’s menu are recycled from last week so that the food doesn’t go to waste (and because I’m still hungry for it!)

  • Country Style chicken with rice & vegetables
  • Beef Stew (which will most likely be lunches not dinner) or Beef Vegetable Casserole (new recipe)
  • Stir Fry Chicken with rice
  • Mama’s Meatloaf, roasted veggies & potatoes
  • Pasta Fagioli soup (this will most likely be Sunday night supper as some friends are coming over)

What are you doing this week?

Hop over to to see more ideas.

One thought on “Menu Plan Monday ~ 17 January

  1. Glad the snow is going, and life outdoors becoming more manageable again. Will your children find it hard to return to school? I always admire your ability to plan food ahead …


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