Menu Plan Monday ~ 10 Jan 11

We’re bracing for a winter storm here – the grocery store has been cleaned out – there were no chickens, very little milk and bread – it was insane.

I worked on my menu plan for this week as we drove home from visiting the grandparents.  We passed all sorts of power trucks and tree trucks headed north in anticipation of overtime and extra work when the storm hits.

The kids’ school has already been canceled and SuperMan’s work has already canceled as well.  I guess I will be the only one working tomorrow.

Given the cold temps we’re going to have, I’m planning to do some comfort food cooking this week. SuperMan has asked for some brothy soups so that he can sip the warm broth from a thermos while he is working later in the week.

Here’s my plan:

What’s on your menu for the week?  Hop over to for some more ideas.

Stay tuned this week for recipes – I’ll share my Pasta Fagioli and French Onion Soup recipes.

6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday ~ 10 Jan 11

  1. Just stopping in from Menu Plan Monday … was fun to see a bit of your scrapbooking. I love to scrapbook, as well, but finding time for it is sometimes difficult. Enjoy your menus for the week!


  2. We’re stuck. SuperMan tried to get out today and almost didn’t make it out of the subdivision. He said the roads were bad enough that it probably wasn’t worth going out again. School/work canceled again on Tuesday!


  3. Oh my! Hope the heating holds out, and you’re all tucked up and cosy. Keep us posted! Is that “Yeay! No work and school!” or “Oh no, no work so I’ll have to do an extra day some other time.”?


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