Final JYC Post for 2010

I put the finishing touches on my Journal Your Christmas album today. I am pleased that I actually finished it before the end of my holiday break. I know that once I am back at work, and the kids in school, that I won’t have time to scrapbook much, so I’m especially glad to finalize the project.  image

I’ll be ordering my bound book in the next few weeks. I can’t wait to see the finished project.  This will be the first all-digital, bound book I’ve done for our family. I’ve done gift albums that I’ve given to others, but this is just for us.

Since I’m doing so much digital scrapbooking these days, I’m thinking I may just do more and more of these type books. They take up a lot less space on the bookshelf and it is so much easier to just order the bound book when you’re done.

I am considering doing the same for my 2010 pages. I have to finish from August-December and that will be my next project, I think. Once those pages are done, I’ll probably go ahead and make it a bound book as well.

Do any of you have suggestions for ordering a bound 12×12 book? This Christmas one is 8×8 and I’ll probably order it through Creative Memories.  But I would love to do some price comparison (and quality comparison) on the larger 12×12 books.

Any suggestions?

Here are the final few pages I don’t think I’ve shared with you:

 JYC2010 - Page 014JYC2010 - Page 015 JYC2010 - Page 018JYC2010 - Page 019   JYC2010 - Page 024

This is the last page of the book. I love it.JYC2010 - Page 026

2 thoughts on “Final JYC Post for 2010

  1. These pages are just lovely – big photos are great, aren’t they? Looking forward to hearing how the bound version comes out. I’ve not gone down the route of having digital pages professionally printed, but I think Ali Edwards or Cathy Zielske (not sure where, will have a look) did a comparison sometime in the last few months for price and quality across several printing firms for digital books if this helps. Well done on completing the journal!


  2. Thank you! Yes, I got a little hooked on the big photos in this book – but they are not all together so I think they will look good. It’s an 8×8 album, so I don’t think they will be overwhelming.
    I remember a post like you refer to – I think it was the Daily Digi… I will have to research my links… thanks for the reminder!


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