This little cartoon just neatly sums up how I feel today. Note the “deer in the headlights” look? Yeah, that’s me.

Work is crazy right now. I have several big projects and they are all at critical points and must be complete before the year’s end. Usually this time of year is slow and easy but this year is definitely not. Certainly adds some additional logistical challenges as I try to get it all done and tackle the holiday activities as well.

It’s been a hectic, busy, crazy, exhausting week.  I am glad it is at the end and I have Saturday to look forward to. Hoping to catch up on laundry and maybe have a little time to scrap or knit (or both!) this weekend.

I’m almost finished with my Christmas shopping. Thank goodness for online shopping!!  The UPS man came to visit yesterday evening and it was almost like Christmas morning. He kept bringing box after box after box.  When a second truck pulled up, the girls got really excited, thinking Mom had just gone nuts buying gifts.  (hah!) But he was just there to swap out packages and relieve the other driver so he could go home. 

I am looking forward to starting to get the presents wrapped and under the tree early this year (well earlier than it has been in past years).

How are you doing with your holiday preparations?

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