Hey! Guess What!?!

I actually scrapbooked this week!

Can you believe it?

I was beginning to wonder if my scrapbooking mojo had left me for good.

But, I’m very happy to report it hasn’t.

I’ve spent some of my free time in the past week pouring over scrapbook blogs and boards trying to get myself inspired again. It has been working.

I felt the itch come on slowly and begin to build. Now it’s like a case of poison ivy!

I just gotta scratch that itch!

Here are a few pages I’ve made:

 2010 Family Album - Page 026 2010 Family Album - Page 027 2010 Family Album - Page 028 2010 Family Album - Page 029 2010 Family Album - Page 0302010 Family Album - Page 031

I’m hoping to get to do some more this weekend. My Big Girl is not feeling well, though, so I may be busy being nursemaid instead of super scrapper. 

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