Menu Plan Monday ~ 25 October

This season of our lives is so busy. It seems like every week and weekend we have many things crammed in alongside our normal routines – fun things that we want to do along with the things we have to do. It makes life hectic, even if it is filled with fun adventures.

This week I’m simplifying the meals quite a bit – to accommodate that hectic schedule. I’m still planning home-cooked meals most nights, but I’m also giving myself permission to take the easy way out a couple nights. (i.a. eating out and/or frozen/prepared meals)  If it is not an all-the-time thing, I think it is OK.

Here’s what’s on my plan:mealplanmonday_v2

Monday: Eating out at our local Chick-Fil-A – they are having family night and a bunch of superheroes and princesses will be on hand to share in the fun.

Tuesday: I’m making a new recipe I found at Publix. Love their Apron’s meals. I’ve never had a not-good one. We will be eating Steak with chopped salad – a modification of this recipe.

Wednesday: Chili (I made this on Sunday so this will be an easy warm-it-up and eat dinner)

Thursday: Pulled pork in the crock pot and I’ll make rice with the juices.

Friday: either eating Mexican or Pizza night at one of our local restaurants.

What are you planning this week? Link up with us over or

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