What I’m Reading Right Now

imageWell, not really reading.

More like listening.

It’s an audio book.

But it’s really good.

So, I thought I’d share.

The book is “Russian Winter.”  I downloaded the audiobook from audible.com. Love that I can do that – it allows me to “read” while I knit, drive, cook, or do other things where my eyes must be otherwise occupied but my brain needs some stimulation.


The story is about a Russian ballerina, Nina Revskaya, and her decision to sell her jewel collection at auction.

There is mystery and memories aplenty in the story as we are flashed back in time to Nina’s youth as she recalls her time in the Bolshoi ballet and living in Russia under Stalinist rule.

Other principal characters are Drew Brooks, the young woman who works for the auction house hired to sell the jewels and Grigori Solodin, a professor who believes the jewels hold secrets to his own past.

I am finding the story very engrossing and hate to stop listening when it is time to do other things.  So far, I’m only a few chapters in, so I can’t really spoil the plot for you, but I can in good conscience recommend the book to you.


What are you reading these days?

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