Do you coupon?

I have a few well-intentioned friends who have been encouraging me to coupon for a few years now. I have been dragging my feet because it just seems sooo overwhelming and like so much extra work.

I have been trying to figure out a system that would work for me.

I’ve tried Coupon Mom and Southern Savers websites.

I’ve tried the “save every coupon circular and date them and then refer back to them to find the best deals” system.  THAT didn't work for me. Too much clutter and too much more time involved.  I have a hard time finding time to go shopping, I can’t spend an extra hour looking through filed circulars to find coupons.

I’ve tried cutting my coupons and storing them in a cute little file box.  That got forgotten at home more times than not and the coupons were expired before I remembered to use them.

I have recently, though, hit upon something that works for me.  I thought I’d share with you … just in case you coupon, too. 

And I’d love to hear your input and suggestions. I’m a relatively new recruit and I’m definitely looking for ideas from the more seasoned couponers out there.

Here’s what I do:

  • I make my grocery list of what we’re out of and what we need.
    (I do this throughout the week)
  • I look at the weekly paper for sales at the grocery stores I frequent.
  • I pull the circulars and clip the coupons I know I will use.
  • I check Southern Savers website -  I find it easier to use to find the specials for the grocery stores I like.
  • I plan my menu for the week, based on what is on sale and what we’re hungry for.
  • I update my grocery list with any specials I find on the web and my menu plan items.
  • I pull my coupons for the grocery list and put them with my list.

BUT, the biggest thing I have found that has helped me is this:


A friend told me about it. At first, I thought it was a novel concept, but who needs another “toy” for coupons and shopping? Now that I’ve used it?

Love it.

Love the way it makes it SUPER EASY to sort my coupons with this little thingy. It’s about 3 feet long and has a spot for you to put every category of your coupons. So, I cut, stack and then sort.  My Big Girl loves to help with this part.



  Everything goes in its own place.




It even has a place for me to keep the coupons I’m planning to use for my next shopping trip. And I move them over to the “checkout” section as I use them.

Easy peasy.



There’s also a place for the other “miscellaneous” coupons we get – for restaurants, car service places, etc.  I like the fact that I can have ALL my coupons in one place.


Have you found a system that works for you?

What do you use? Share with us all in the comments… I’d love to hear your ideas.

4 thoughts on “Do you coupon?

  1. I haven’t heard of these. I will have to check them out. Yes, I find the same thing since my surgery. Most of what is coupon-friendly is processed/prepared/convenience foods and we don’t eat much of that anymore. But I do stock up on cleaning and paper goods. 🙂


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