Have you ever noticed?

Ok, it’s not Wednesday, so I can’t be Wondering on Wednesday anymore… but I’m wondering just the same….

Wondering about hair of all things.image

I’m not one of those every-six-week haircut kinda gals.  I’m a little more low-maintenance (with my hair, anyway) than that.  I usually determine when it’s time for a haircut by the level of frustration I have with managing my hair times the number of days I just want to put it up in a giant clip and forget that it is there.

When that happens, I break down and call my hairdresser for an appointment.

But what I find fascinating is the fact that the very day you are scheduled for your hair appointment will be the exact same day that your hair decides to be absolutely, gloriously, stunning.  Every curl will be in place, it will shine like the golden sun, and you will feel supermodel-ish when you view your luxurious hair in the mirror.

And why is that?

Does our hair sense when we’re about to subject it to the butchery of a hairdresser’s shears?

(well, wait, I hope your hairdresser doesn’t butcher your hair… bad choice of words, there… moving along)

How does your hair know?  Is it sentient?

Is it thinking “Oh, gosh, guys, we gotta pull it together here. She’s getting ready to cut us off!”

And, of course, if you decide (like I’ve done before) that it’s not really that bad and you call and cancel your hair appointment… 

(because you have been lulled into a false sense of security by that conniving hair on your head)

Of course, if you do that, you know what is going to happen.

You’re going to wake up the next day with Hair from Hell that won’t be tamed.

Of course!

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