Menu Plan Monday (or, Tuesday)

I have been planning my family menus for years – probably since the time Little Bit was born.  I have been a fluttering FlyBaby for about that long, trying to get myself on plan with the Fly Lady (but it never seems to “stick”). However, one thing I love about her whole thing is the idea of planning ahead. I am a planner. I love my lists and my plans. So, that part works for me.

Enter Menu Plan Monday –


I stumbled across this meme over on and I love the idea! Creating your meal plan, sharing it with others, and getting ideas from the meal plans others have created.

So, I’m joining the bandwagon. Want to join with me? It’s super easy. Figure out your meal plan for the week – what will you be cooking for your family?

Write them down – you can even share in the comments here if you’d like – and link them to the linky on orgjunkie’s blog.  It’s been fun looking at other people’s meal plans – and has given me some ideas for next week’s menus.

Here are the meals I’m cooking this week:

I’m sure we’ll eat out once – usually on Sunday after church.  So, with leftovers, that should carry me through the weekend.

I use AllRecipes a lot – you will see that a bunch of these recipes are linked there.  I love that I can create my own recipes and store them there as well.

Ok, now it’s your turn! What are you serving this week?

4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday (or, Tuesday)

  1. I use allrecipes a lot too, along with clicking around a lot of links from the weekly meme here! I love finding new recipes from people- I ask on Twitter too and get a lot of great replies. This weekly link up is so great for me because it gives me extra incentive to actually make myself do the menu plan! Visiting from Menu Plan Monday 🙂


  2. For many years I have been a weekly meal planner and it is my preferred way to shop. However, as we are undergoing a massive house renovation my storage and preparation space has been significantly reduced and I’m only planning two meals at a time – it feels strange to say the least!


  3. We fell into that day or two ahead planning routine earlier this summer. I found that my grocery bill went up as well as my stress level! I’m glad to be getting back into routines as we get closer and closer to the start of the school year.
    I hope your renovations go smoothly! I’ve been following the progress on your blog.


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