A good time was had by all

Little Bit turned six this week.  We have been celebrating for almost two weeks now – first at her grandparents’ house (while I was out of town for work) and then at home.  There has been much consumption of cake, many Barbie purchases, and lots of singing of the Birthday song.  She has been enjoying every minute.

Yesterday afternoon was the “official” birthday party.  Since we are fortunate enough to have a neighborhood pool, we opted for the (easy) pool party celebration.  Nothing like throwing the kids in the water for a few hours to wear them out.  I ordered pizza and kept the cake in the cooler on ice while the kids swam and played. IMGP2921 IMGP2922 IMGP2926 IMGP2927After the pizza and cake Little Bit opened presents. She got the coolest “jet ski” float and they had a great time cruising around the pool on it. IMGP2931 IMGP2932 IMGP2936 IMGP2937

Thank goodness M and T were such good jet ski motors – and kept the little ones safely away from the side of the pool so none of us moms had a heart attack waiting for someone to bonk their heads.

IMGP2942 IMGP2943IMGP2945

It was hot and muggy and I was exhausted when it was done, but it was all worth it.  Little Bit had a great time – I think we all did.

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