An interesting eggsperiment

The girls just spent a week at their grandparents – while I was jetting across the country and back in an oversized cattle-car also known as an airplane.

They had a great time being spoiled rotten and never hearing the word “no” uttered.

On Thursday, it was over 100 degrees outside – in the shade.  The girls were playing in the driveway with the water hoses, just trying to stay cool while they were outside for a bit.


I tried to take some pictures of them, but the camera kept fogging up – the temperature and humidity differential between indoors and outdoors just was too great, I guess.

DSCN0032DSCN0036 DSCN0026

While they were outside, Big Girl decided she wanted to test the theory  “It’s hot enough to fry an egg out here.”

So, they did.


And tried to bake a potato.

Surprisingly enough, the potato was semi-soft after a couple hours in the sun and the eggs were partially cooked. I think they might’ve cooked even faster if they had been on the concrete, but it’s scary enough to think they were cooking sitting on a white lawn chair for hours. (think about what that would do to your brain!)

Good enough reason to stay indoors if you ask me.

4 thoughts on “An interesting eggsperiment

  1. Wow! I have seriously always wondered if that would work–it IS scary to think an egg could get even partially cooked on a white lawn chair. (Although my kitchen is so hot these days that maybe that’s a good way to cook dinner!)
    Nice post–and great photos.


  2. I love your dress. Congratulations on fitting into it! Thank you for following me. I’m going to join you as well. Love the eggsperiment! Always wanted to try that!


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