This is a no-Bieber house

I consider myself very lucky that Justin Bieber has not invaded my house.

Just as the large purple dinosaur never found his way in the front door (thanks to some very careful programming selections and dire threats to anyone who might be tempted to expose the girls to said dinosaur), we have (thankfully) been able to escape (so far) the silliness of the pre-teen pop music stars.

Yep, that’s right. No Jonas frenzy here. And my girls don’t even know how to pronounce Justin Bieber’s name properly.

Oh, their friends have certainly exposed them to these pop stars and their so-called music. And Big Girl thinks it’s quite silly that her friends are “in love” with little Mr. Bieber. (thank goodness) She enjoys listening to the music on NickTV in the mornings when she’s getting dressed, and she knows enough to sing along and not look like a total dork when her friends are talking about these stars… but she really doesn’t care one way or the other.

That’s probably because her daddy and I don’t listen to pop music (or as I keep wanting to type it “poop music” LOL)

We’re “classic rock” fans, mostly, although I have been known to throw a little Country music in there (thanks, Daddy)

Some of the girls’ current favorites?

  • Kung Foo Fighting (Carl Douglas)
  • School’s Out for Summer (Alice Cooper)
  • YMCA (Village People)
  • I Need You Now (Lady Antebellum)
  • Party in the USA (Miley Cyrus – yes, she has invaded. sigh.)
  • The entire Momma Mia soundtrack (which we listen to almost daily)

At least their music tastes are eclectic. I like to think we’re exposing them to the finer side of things.  (hee hee)

It will be interesting to see how thing change (or not) as Big Girl gets older since she is the first one to step into the land of Teenagerdom.

One thought on “This is a no-Bieber house

  1. Good job on shielding the girls from pop stars!
    I was shocked when we were at the store last week & the girls
    (Arianna-4 & Hannah-3) asked for Hannah Montana
    How would they know the name, “Hannah Montana?!”
    On another note….
    I remember my brothers & I went out to eat maybe once a month when we were young. Instead, Mom always cooked & we always ate together as a family. Dad was the Saturday breakfast chef =)
    After becoming a Mommy, I set a goal to shield the girls from fast food establishments. So far, we can drive by the golden arches,etc & they do not know the name “McDonalds,” “Burger King,” “Wendy’s,” etc.
    However, they do know Chipotle……..does Chipotle count as fastfood?
    mmmm…..they have the best steak burritos.


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