The Bachelorette – what were they thinking?

I will preface the rest of this post with the disclaimer that I am 2 episodes behind (thank goodness for TiVo) and my observations are based on the first three episodes.  THE BACHELORETTE - "Episode 604" - Ali has a great time trading in her casual California style for sexy, date night outfits with the help of InStyle during her makeover and photo shoot. The looks will be featured in the magazine's July issue (on sale June 18). In the meanwhile, Kasey is tapped for a one-on-one date and vows to "guard and protect Ali's heart" and return with a rose. A sweeping helicopter tour over Manhattan takes the couple to Liberty Island, where they have a romantic sunset picnic. Then the Bachelorette takes Kasey for a night time exploration of the Museum of Natural History by flashlight, as they enjoy having the empty museum all to themselves. But when they settle down for some serious talk, will Ali be satisfied with Kasey's answers, on "The Bachelorette," MONDAY, JUNE 14 (8:00-10:02 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/STEVE FENN)ALI FEDOTOWSKY

But then I will follow that with saying I may not make it past the first three episodes!

Goodness gracious, what in the heck were they thinking when they cast this season of The Bachelorette?

I probably shouldn’t even admit I watch the stupid show.  And, stupid it definitely is this season. I mean, all seasons are pretty scripted, predictable and a little lame. But I’ve been hooked nonetheless (here’s my confession about a former season)  I admit I jumped ship during Matt Grant’s season. It was just to obviously a grab at fame and fortune for him (well, that and all the *ahem* he could get while on the show)

However, they might have finally run me off this time around. And not because of the obvious fame whores (and there are a few) but because of the absolutely LAME group of bachelors they have.  Not only are they dorky looking (for the most part – or maybe I’m just old?) but they are almost caricatures of the “typical” bachelor crew that is cast. 

I mean, you always know there is going to be the “bad guy,” the “lonely heart,” the “crazy,” etc.  But this season it seems like the guys are taking their roles just at little.bit.too.seriously.  I keep watching hoping that it’s going to get better but so far it has not.

Have you watched up to the last episode (yesterday) – what did you think? Is it getting better?

There are two guys I think are decent, although a little comic-book-knight-in-shining-armor-ish (yes, that is a word – in my dictionary!)

Roberto – he’s cute (needs work on his eyebrows) and seems genuine enough.  He and Ali seemed like they hit it off well on their one-on-one dates.  If history is the clue here, he may end up being one of the final two…whomever has those “high risk” dates always seems to end up as one of the final two.  We will see.


However, Ali’s comment about wondering if he thinks she is cute enough for him? Seriously? She is a teensy-tiny bit insecure, isn’t she? If I was Roberto, I’d be insulted by that comment – that implies that he thinks looks are everything.  Oh. Wait. He’s a man. … Never mind.

and then there is

Chris L. – he’s cute, too, and he is cute when he gets all giddy about spending time with Ali.  Will be interesting to see if she finds him worth spending time with or if she thinks he is too nice.  He might be too tame for her. I don’t see much spark in him.  Nice guys are GREAT to be married to (I am particularly partial to my nice guy, SuperMan) but they don’t usually win the race against a bad-boy (see Jillian’s season for a prime example)


Other than that, not too many of the guys stand out to me. They are all pretty vanilla-ish. 

Well, except for the Weatherman. And all I can say about him is – he is cast on the wrong show.  I think they meant to cast him on the Bachelor (and not AS the Bachelor, if you get my meaning)


Let me wind up this rather long-winded and rambling post by making one more snarky comment –  What is up with Ali’s speech? She is all mumbly and whiny sounding when she talks.  If I were a guy, she wouldn’t be someone I would be running after… heck, I don’t know how they understand what she is saying half the time.


This is going to be a long season (if I make it that long) – unless we get “The most dramatic Rose Ceremony EVER” soon, I may die of boredom.

What do you think?  Are you a Bachelorette watcher? Do you care? Or, did you just humor me and read this far hoping I’d change the subject soon?



2 thoughts on “The Bachelorette – what were they thinking?

  1. Hi, just popped in from SheWrites. I watched the first episode and said “Ick.” Sounds like I was right. But I understand your morbid fascinations. I have mine too. tee hee.


  2. Oh, man, you have uncovered my secret addiction, and you also pegged MY final two picks! The Bachelor/Bachelorette is like Frooty Pebbles for my brain. I love it/hate it all at the same time. Yet I can’t.stop.watching. I’m voting for Roberto for the final, by the way! Have a great day 🙂


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