Friday’s Flowers

Here are some scrap pages with some recent flowers pictures, joining in with Renee over at FIMBY (Fun in My Back Yard).

2010 Family Album - Page 0102010 Family Album - Page 011 

Hop on over to see more flowers on FIMBY.

6 thoughts on “Friday’s Flowers

  1. I’m new to this kind of scrapping (yes I know I’m rather sheltered). Do you print these pages somehow or view them digitally.
    Or are these scanned?
    Either way, pretty cool.


  2. Renee,
    They are digital layouts. I am moving more and more in the direction of digital scrapbooking, although I still love the tactile gratification of playing around with scissors and glue that you get from traditional scrapbooking. Digital is faster for me, though.
    I’m glad you like them!


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