If only…

If only I loved flip flops.

If only I loved flip flops, I would have an unending supply of cutesy summer shoes.

If only I loved flip flops, I would have easy on/off protection for my tootsies when walking on hot pavement.

I only I loved flip flops, I would be able to snarf up all these cute shoes I see in the stores.

imageBut I don’t.

I think I have had old woman feet since I was a child.

I don’t like that thingy that goes between your toes. It makes me nuts.

So, I can’t wear flip flops.

I am resigned to the fact that I must wear sandals that don’t cause my toes separation anxiety. 

It is a challenge, and once I find a pair that fit, I usually wear them until they fall apart.

The last pair lasted me almost 10 years – and I’d be wearing them this summer again if my geriatric cat hadn’t mistaken them for a litter box.


They are now filling up a landfill somewhere. Stinky.

So, I am on the hunt for new sandals this summer. Something that is cute, feminine and most importantly, comfortable.

Something like these:

imageOr these:

imageOr these:

image Not really.  

Who on earth would by these?

And, while I’m on the subject, what is up with all the gladiator sandals out there right now?

imageMakes my tootsies cringe when I see them. All I can think about is that it is bondage for your feet. And all those little straps; I can only imagine how they’d feel after a couple hours’ wear. 


I guess they are marketing them to the teenage crowd who hasn’t learned the lesson many of us 40-somethings have: Comfort is more important than fashion.

Ah, well.

Off to find some sandals for my feet.

2 thoughts on “If only…

  1. LOL – we are so alike. I hate hate hate that little thing between my toes. I have never been able to wear them. I am struggling with finding any that don’t have that this year. I found one pair at payless, but I need to find more. Would you believe my feet are one size smaller? I didn’t think feet changed size. 🙂


  2. Two peas in a pod! 🙂 I wondered about the foot size thing. I would be happy if mine went down a size or half-size. Unfortunately, though, that would mean MB could wear my shoes. Good? not good? not sure yet. 🙂


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