Cookies, anyone?

Did you do your civic duty and buy Girl Scout cookies this year?

I hope you did. Everyone needs a little Thin Mints in their lives.

This was the first year that we were not just purchasers, but “pushers” of the oh-so-addictive Girl Scout cookies.  IMGP2263

Okay, so maybe “pushers” is a little extreme.

It’s not like we had to “push” anyone to buy any, that is for sure. Once word gets out that you are selling them, people seem to beat a path to your door to order some.  That part is pretty nice.

The girls are in Brownies/Daisies this year, so I got to experience the whole cookie selling thing for the first time.

IMGP2269The girls loved it. Me? Not so much. It requires way too much organization and coordination for my taste.  There’s money to keep up with, cookies to sort and deliver.  My dining room looked like a Girl Scout cookie warehouse for a few weeks, and that was just from the cookies we sold/ordered.  I can’t imagine what it was like for the Cookie Mom for our Troop.  I’m sure her whole world was Girl Scout cookies for a few weeks.

IMG_3313But, the cookies are so delicious and the girls have such a good time selling them… guess we’ll do it again next year.

Only next year, I will be better prepared.  I have my spreadsheet all ready to go.

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